Tom from The Wanted?


Kumar and Siva in Rock Rivals (2008); requested by anonymous

At a concert you grab Nathan's attention through out most of the songs. Making gesture towards you, he made sure you were dancing along throughout the set. After his solo in I Found You he looks down at you, as you're putting your hand out, he kneels down and takes your hand before leaning in, the adrenaline in his peformance taking over his actions, pulling you in he fastly moves his lips towards yours, before you know it you and Nathan are both making out in the middle of all the chaos of the screaming girls around you. Pulling away and leaning up he smiles and winks, amused by the reaction he caused.

the vamps: last night

Final bow in Montreal - April 15 2014

Beyoncé listening to her music.

I love you more than my own life.”
 -“Me too.”